Arriving in El Chaltén we were greeted by the towering mountains of Fitz Roy and Torres. Anxious to get off the bike and explore our new surroundings we found backpacks, packed our bags for a few days in the mountains with Anna and head off on a four day trek “Vuelta de Huemul”.

Hiking away from El Chaltén the scenery changes from vast open landscapes to native forest …

DSC 1955
DSC 1966

as the light changes throughout the day …

DSC 1970
DSC 1969

we arrive at our first camp, complete with shelter from the wind…


The next day we arrive at jaw dropping scenery of the Patagonian Southern Ice-field. No where else on earth has an of us experienced anything like this before.

DSC 1985
DSC 1994
DSC 1992
DSC 1997

The sheer vastness is humbling …

DSC 2024

As we wander away from the ice-fields, over passes and down embankments we are once again in an ever changing landscape.

DSC 2089

Anna’s post on this trek can be found here.

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