So on Saturday, October 6th Mike and I left for Honduras again. Back to the Bay of Islands where I completed my dive master training and left all our stuff with trusted friends. After working the summer, getting re-quainted with friends, family and our passion for this trip we’ll resume where we left off.

We are still deciding whether or not we’ll cycle across Honduras again, a country whose security seems to be diminishing and can’t say we feel all too comfortable there. We’ve been back and forth in our decision but after reading fellow cyclists blogs were are optimistic that this country will show their kinder side. Honduras is a beautiful country, but it feels different than Guatemala, which pleasantly surprised us and we feel in love with not only the amazing scenery but the kind people as well. Saying that, we are returning with a bit if hesitation, but also excitement for the other countries ahead.

This is the only part of our trip where we seem to be constrained by time as Mike and I are returning home to Canada in the middle of December to attend my best friend’s wedding so we’ll have to reach Panama City by the time our flight leaves, December 13th.

If we chose to cycle through Honduras, we’ll be following a trail similar to Bob Stanley‘s (thanks for the input) where we’ll catch the ferry from Roatan to La Ceiba and head for Omega Tours, then catch a 65km “short cut” from the main road and head south through Olanchito, we’ve been told it’s do-able but a very bad road and we may have to carry our bikes. Then onto La Union, Campartamento and b-line it for the Nicaraguan border near Ocotal. We hope to get through Honduras in just over a week. This leaves us with the rest of October, all of November and 1/2 of December to make it to Panama City.

Proposed route through Honduras

Proposed route through Honduras.

We know, especially since we are constrained that it will never the enough time but we are hoping that we can get back to our style of cycle touring where we can hike and go off the beaten path a little.

Since we are only heading back on the road for just over 2 months, we are choosing to take less gear, we have left the ExtraWheel at home, my Nikon D90 camera, and we are also leaving the computer behind in hopes of lightening our load. So updates won’t be happening much unless we make it to an internet cafe or feel compelled on the road. We will however will still be keeping our hand written journals and have our smaller point and shoot for all those great on the road moments! Also stay tuned to our Facebook page and we’ll be hitting our Spot Tracker every night.

Other than being a little out of touch, we hope to return in December with updates and photos, while also getting ready to jump into South America, January 2013!

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