Hiking near Moab

Hiking to Morning Glory Arch

You still need to have a little fun, we’ve been spending a lot of time working and saving lately but at the end of March we, with a few good friends, loaded the car and the bikes and headed down to Moab, Utah.

Moab is known as a mecca for bikers and home to the world famous Slickrock Trail. A mountain bike trail almost entirely on flat rock. If you are used to  Canadian ‘North Shore’ or ‘West Coast’ riding you would never think of the angles your bike can achieve on this super sticky rock, however it is a lot less forgiving than moss in the instance of a wipe out. The whole experience was epic and unreal with stunning scenery, amazing riding for every level and the kind of ride that you never want to finish. However, this ride was a rude awakening to the unforgiving nature of solid rock! I fall from my bike a lot, I’ll admit, but I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it, however one small consideration that I didn’t realize is that your landings are not forgiving moss, dirt and tress (yes trees) BUT rock, skin ripping, bike destroying rock.

Riding Slickrock Trail Moab, Utah

Angela on the epic Slickrock Trail

Not only did we ride the Slickrock trail, but our trip also included the amazing, sustained, super downhill ride along the Whole Enchilada and the Porcupine Rim. even started out amazing by catching a local shuttle which happens to be a pimped out, customized VW Westphalia Van, aka ‘Coyote Shuttle’. We were riding late April, and there was still snow at the top at the elevations we were at. There was a small climb at the beginning but once you hit the down, it’s ‘perma-grin’ material the whole way, just one sustained downhill where your wrists and shoulders are killing you from holding on (in a good way).  Porcupine Rim is on my Top 3 Rides I have ever done. We also tasted the Sovereign Trail, Amasa Back, Jacob’s Ladder (a wicked hike-a-bike section), Jackson’s Trail, Hurrah Pass, Baby Steps, and Klondike Bluffs and there was still so much more to do.

We managed to bike all but one day that we were there, taking that day off to hike to the Morning Glory Arch in Bill Negro Park.

This trip was definitely epic and on the ‘To-Do’ list with our full suspension bikes before we take off on our worldly adventures… who knows we may just have to do one more trip down there in the fall because we still weren’t able to ride all the trails we wanted  or to visit Fruita, Colorado, another epic destination, or so we hear. (Update December 5th, 2010: Since we aren’t headed on our trip until September 2011, we’ve decided too hit up Moab/Fruita for a full two weeks in May 2011!)

Fisher Towers, Scenery

Waiting for sunset near the Fisher Towers

Tent, Moab

The perfect camp spot (only when it’s not windy, otherwise you get covered in sand)

Mike and Karen Johnston Butte

Mike and I with Joohnson Butte in the background riding to Amasa Back trail

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