October in Canada is getting rainy and cold. This time last year we had just crossed into Washington state and were cycling around the Olympic Peninsula. But wait a second, Canada …

Questions you are probably wondering:

– I thought you were in Honduras?

– What are you doing back home?

– Is the trip over?

Well let me explain…

The last post seems ages ago however in that time I completed my Dive Master in the island of Roatan in Honduras and Mike went home at the beginning of our summer to work his butt off to pad our bank account a bit. Three months apart provided to be harder than we thought and I became very home sick and missed the company of my husband, friends and family. In the middle of August I made the decision to return home to Canada for a few months.

Returning home has been a blessing in the sense we have both been able to reset ourselves, catch up with friends, enjoy some of the freedoms we have been missing over the last year (like mountain biking in British Columbia) and we were fortunate enough to also attend two of our very best friend’s weddings.


The first wedding we attended was for our dear friends Kent and Angela. Kent, Mike and I had met in University and Angela, I had met at work. We introduced them at the 24 Hour of Adrenalin mountain bike race that Mike and I did every year and the rest is history. Their wedding was held at the intimate Heather Mountain Lodge nestled in the Purcell Mountains and celebrated with some 65 close friends and family members. We felt so honored to be part of their day and witness their vows and their special day was marvelous.

KAWG 12 kyla brown heather mountain lodge august wedding

Courtesy of Kyla Brown Photography. Kent and Ang walking down the isle.

KAWG 39 kyla brown heather mountain lodge august wedding

Courtesy of Kyla Brown Photography. Kent and Ang on their special day! Thanks guys for letting us be a part of it!


After celebrating their marriage the four of us took off the some of the best single track mountain biking in the world in interior British Columbia. We started with a day at Christina Lake, BC up the Deer Trail that lead us to a creek of spawning Kokanee Salmon. Each year these fresh water salmon make the trip up stream to their birth grounds, fighting against the current and rapid to spawn.

Spawning Salmon

Mike and I with spawning Kokanee Salmon in the background. Photo taken by Kent and Ang on the Deer Trail in Christina Lake, BC.

"Just Married"

Celebrating newly wed bliss!

The group

The group, Mike and I with Kent and Ang. Awesome to be outside on a beautiful trail.

I love downhill single track.

I love downhill single track.


Then it was onto one of the most sought after trails in North America. Rossland’s epic Seven Summits. This is a trail of over 35 km’s of single track, most following a stunning ridge line and complete with a grueling climb to start it off, but that all paid off with 5 km’s a straight downhill.

Trail head of the Seven Summits, Rossland, BC

Trail head of the Seven Summits, Rossland, BC

Just another stunning view.

Just another stunning view.

Karen re-united with her mountain bike, oh yeah and the view isn't so bad either.

Karen re-united with her mountain bike, oh yeah and the view isn’t so bad either.

Mike enjoying the view over the valley... only in Canada can you have this much space...

Mike enjoying the view over the valley… only in Canada can you have this much space…


When we didn’t think that ride could be topped we then headed to Revelstoke, BC, bumming around on the popular Mount McPherson trails the first day then made our way up the rough logging road, a total of 1.5 hour drive to arrive at the out and back trail head of the Keystone Basin trail. Now we thought the Seven Summits trail was stunning but this took us on an 11 km trail that rimmed the basin through pristine alpine meadows, We were a few weeks late for the prime wild flower season but caught the tail end. The trail climbed and dipped through some of the most spectacular scenery we have ever seen from a trial, let alone a mountain bike single track. The trail ends at a stunning old alpine hut, from there it’s the turn around point to the same spectacular views all the way back to the trail head.

Overview of what the Keystone Basin trail looks like ... for the whole way!

Overview of what the Keystone Basin, Revelstoke, BC trail looks like … for the whole way!

Climbing alpine ridges.

Climbing alpine ridges.

Rolling through alpine meadows.

Rolling through alpine meadows.


After a week of biking with Kent and Ang we hurried home for another one of our best friends’ weddings, Amanda and Derek. Another great pair of friends we have known for over a decade. We were honored to be a part of their ceremony by which we were given a very powerful reading that I had a hard time making it through with dry eyes. All in all, we couldn’t have missed it for the world.

Amanda and Derek

Amanda, the beautiful bride and Derek!

Mike, Amanda, Derek and I

Mike, Amanda, Derek and I before the party really got started.


Other than good friends weddings’, biking, catching up with dear friends and family both Mike and I returned to our previous positions as consulting biologists to help out with our former company in a very busy time and make some more money to put aside for our next leg of our adventure. In addition we have had a lot of thoughts about what our trip has become and where it is taking us. That post coming next!

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