We are a husband and wife team with a passion for life, a will to travel, a will to learn and a will to experience this wonderful earth.

Both of us were working full time jobs, had great careers but found ourselves unsatisfied with our lifestyle, with the rat race, the consumerism of western life, the ‘Alberta’ mentality. Both of us were at a breaking point and wanted out. 

We had both traveled here and there before. Mike spending a year abroad in Brisbane, Australia in his university days and backpacking throughout New Zealand. Karen had backpacked Australia while visiting Mike and carried onto Malaysia. Together we have traveled parts of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Belize, Thailand, England, France and our own backyard in Canada. The trips never seemed long enough, we often felt we never got the chance to really experience the places we visited. Especially travels in recent years which have been limited to 3 weeks that we could sneak away from work and were often in the winter months to escape the cold, Canadian winters.

Mike and I are also very passionate about the environment,  we both studied Conservation Biology in university and are well aware of our footprint from international travel for holidays and often taking road-trips in the summer months. Not only did we want to break free of our current lifestyle, but we want to make a difference in the way we travel. To make our experiences more fulfilling, more responsible, and more meaningful.

This is why we have chosen to travel the world by bike. For the simplicity of life, ease of travel, being able to experience places more intimately, to appreciate the simple things in life and every experience, and the satisfaction of knowing that we traveled there under our own power.

About US