Has it really been one month already, and how did we miss the 1,000 km mark? Time feels like it is flying by but we’re having a great time and celebrating some huge milestones (in our minds!). The rain seems to be holding off and it’s nothin’ but sun in the forecast for the next few days.

Crossing the border from Victoria to Port Angeles was a little stressful with a full line-up with a mixture of the Canadian Thanksgiving, Royal Victoria Marathon and Port Angeles crab fest crowds. Fortunately the border guards let us through with smiles and no hastles! Phew! 1st border crossing a success!

We haven’t been traveling fast but have been enjoying side trips off the 101 into the town of Mora and then into the Hoh Rainforest, again graced with sun. Surprising for an area that is rated as the largest rainfall in all of the United States if not North America.

We’ll be sure to post more in a few days when we arrive in Astoria, OR; but in the mean time we’ve updated our photos!

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