The following is a list of supporters that have helped us get to where we are, thanks!


Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) is a Canadian icon. Their logo is as symbolic amongst the traveling and outdoors community as the maple leaf.MEC was founded in 1971 by people with a passion for wilderness activities and as a Canadian co-operative it is a company based on solid values, sustainability, education, community involvement, democratic governance, just to name a few. Mike and I are fortunate receive support for 2011 for the Expedition Support Committee and will be providing updates along our way. For other supported  MEC expeditions please see their expedition stories.

The team at Icebreaker have graciously provided us with Icebreaker clothing for the road to test, abuse and really put to the test.This green company is the perfect solutions to petroleum based products.From the Icebreaker site: “Each year, sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps grow thick merino wool, and each spring the coat is shorn. From this fibre, Icebreaker creates beautiful lightweight clothing that protects the body against extremes of temperature, breathes exceptionally well, resists odor and is designed to perform in the outdoors.”

EasyTag Logo

EasyTag has provided us with a custom made GPS for our digital SLR with extra long battery life (10+ consecutive hours) and durability. We’ll be using this great piece of gear to keep track of all out photos (because we have a horrible habit of writing this stuff down).

Fozzils Logo

Fozzils has supplied us with some prototypes of their new non-slip grip, silicone coated bowls to try out. They have also improved their snaps from our feedback and we are looking forward to working with Fozzils and putting their products to the test!
We wear these daily, as head bands, as beanies, neck warmers. They are extremely versatile. Buff Canada has been kind enough to provide us with a few of their own Buffs including the Canadian flag Buff to hand out to those who inspire us on the road!


I have always used the Smith Toaster Sunglasses with replaceable lenses. I am on my 4th pair (I’ve lost a few). These are the only brand that fit my small face, and when Mike’s other sunglasses broke the kind folk at SmithOptics were right on the ball and got Mike a brand new pair.


We are also happy to road/field test products out there. If your company supports sustainable practices, uses renewable materials and are ethically produced, please contact us at 2wheeledwanderers(at) or by using our contact us form to discuss potential partnerships.


In addition, if you would like to help support our self-funded trip we gladly accept donations through PayPal. Money donated will be used for food, lodging, extra parts! If you would like us to use your donation for a specific purpose, please let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige.




A HUGE Thanks to the following People for their donations so far (in no particular order):

  • - John and Krys Stefanyk
  • - Barry and Robin Brown
  • - Bob Riley and Adrienne O’Kell
  • - The Veitch’s
  • - The Bentham’s
  • - Sam Freshner
  • - Richard Mitrovich
  • - Glen Duval
  • - Kent Russell
  • - Alison Lennie
  • - Amanda Krowski
  • - Bonnie and Shane Drowzdowski
  • - Bill Dean
  • - Leon Marciak