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  • Poncho

    Northern Perú

    Earlier this year, on April 17 2013 we crossed into our 11th country, Perú. This is the beginning of our time here that we need to catch up on before we get into our latest travels.                   […]

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  • Vicuñas

    Avenue of Volcanoes to the Amazon to Perú

    After returning to Canada for the summer  to work it seems like time has slipped us by.   We’re a little behind in our blog but here’s an attempt to catch up.   The scenery and the country of Ecuador never ceased to amaze us […]

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  • IMGP4167

    Finding Balance

      “The first rule of the cycletouring club is no taking buses”; James (, another fellow cycle tourist we had met in Colombia, and I joked about this over a good breakfast and coffee one morning …   For whatever reason, maybe with the global […]

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  • El Angel - 0003

    10th country and 10,000 km’s later …

    Ecuador started out as a rush for us, we hadn’t planned on crossing into our 10th country the day we did but with a lack of options near the Colombia-Ecuador border for desirable places to stay we made a last ditch effort to cross over. […]

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  • IMGP3139.JPG


    “The only risk is wanting to stay” is touted as Colombia’s new slogan for tourism after years of internal conflict that veered tourists away. In recent years there has been a significant increase in tourists in Colombia and rightfully so as this country has a […]

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  • Day-455-458-Panama-City-0067.JPG

    The whirlwind of Panama

      We didn’t leave ourselves much time for Panama trying to max out our time in Costa Rica and then make our flight home for Christmas. Needless to say we were a bit rushed. We crossed into Panama on the main InterAmericana Highway December 2 […]

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  • IMGP1036.JPG

    Reflections of our experience with the Bartola Base Camp

    We really wanted to spend some time on the Río San Juan, which is known as a biological hotspot that runs from Lago Nicaragua and drains into the Caribbean and was once proposed to be the original location of the TransOcean (or ‘Panama’) canal. Having […]

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  • Isla de Ometepe


    Like many Central American countries Nicaragua has an unsettling history of war, corruption and foreign intervention/exploitation from both government and corporations. The return of Daniel Ortega and his far left political tendencies appeared to be benefitting the country in many ways from what we observed. […]

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  • At the Top of Cerro Chirrípo

    Costa Rica, beauty at a cost.

    What could Costa Rica hold for us after having such an amazing experience in Nicaragua?   We had mixed feelings on crossing to Costa Rica; on one hand we were very excited by stories of abundant wildlife, biodiversity and relative safety of travel; on the […]

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  • Trail turns to track.jpg

    Is Honduras as Scary as it Sounds?

    Honduras, what does that name bring to mind for you?   Violence, crime, beaches, or paradise? Maybe none of these. Maybe you have only heard the name and know roughly that it is in central America.   That was me I had heard of it but […]

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