Just a little something to send a shout out to all those people out there that have opened their homes, hearts to us, made us laugh, crossed our paths or just inspired us in some small way (sorry not inclusive).

Nick and Patti Moskalyk

Hosts Day #1 – Karen’s best friend’s parents

Nick and Patti

Nick and Patti Moskalyk

John and Erika Rempel

Hosts in Hope, BC

John and Erika

Paul Everitt ~ GoingSolo.uk

fellow traveler we hung out with in Astoria who cycled across Canada in a 4 wheeled bike car

Paul Everitt

Sam and Sandi Freshner

friends we met on the ferry from BC to WA who drove out from Portland, OR to hang out with us for a day

Mike, Sandie and Sam at Canon Beach

Neil Branson

Warm Showers Host in Seaside, OR



Faith Cisakowski and Lionel Pereira

friends from home that made a stop to visit us.

Faith and Lionel

Debbie, Joe and Sam

Hosts in Newport, OR

Joe, Debbie and Sam

Peter Brother ~ YogiPeter.com

fellow Canadian cycling from Hanes Junction, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina


Lisa Feuerstein and Emily DiPaola

headed from BC, Canada to San Diego, CA ~ thanks for the company, songs and laughter

Lisa and Emily

Debbie and Roger Alstad

Hosts in Mill Valley, CA

Debbie and Roger

Roger (back left) Debbie (right)

Laura and Bob Otwell ~ Laura and Bob’s Continental Cruise

Met on the road during their own year long cycle touraround the states. Amazing biking community ambassadors! Hosted us in Carlsbad, CA

Bob and Laura Otwell

Bob and Laura Otwell



Host, Coco’s Corner, Baja, Mexico

Coco's Corner


Fermin and family

Hosts, Casa Christina, Punta Preita, Baja, Mexico

Fermin and Family!

Bill and Christine Dean

Hosts, Cotacachi, Ecuador.

We met Bill during our stay in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala learning Spanish, we kept in touch and him and his wife, Christine were kind enough to host us in Cotacachi, Ecuador.



Hernán and Cecilia Santamaría

Hosts in Ambato, Ecuador

This wonderful family randomly took us in off the side of the road and opened up their wonderful home to us. Felt like we had known each other for years.

Santamaria Family


Other Kudos:

- Carmen Gustafson – friend and host in Victoria, BC

- Jason Crawford and room matesWarmshowers.org hosts in Long Beach, CA

- Ann and Brad MoyerWarmshowers.org hosts in San Diego, CA

- Casa de CiclistaWarmshowers.org host in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico

- Virginia Carmichael - lent us her house in Loreto, Baja, Mexico

- Jason and Suzette – friends and hosts in Roatán, Honduras

Other Cyclists We’ve Met:

- Paul Everitt ~  across Canada in his bike car (when we met him), overall adventurer

- Peter Brother ~  Haines, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina

- Forrest Bilek ~  US and down the coast

- Marie & Johann ~ Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina

- Pedal Powered Family ~ one year bike tour from Hamilton, ON and back via Panama with 2 children!

Siobhan O’Reilly and Matt Whiltehead ~ from Byron Bay, AUS cycled across Canada now on an epic journey on the west coast surfing wherever possible.

- Emilien and Xinhan Shen DiGennaro ~ 3 year cycle tour of the Americas and Africa

- Gary and Vincent ~ two great Canadians we met on a 6 week cycle tour around Costa Rica

- Christi Bruchok and Tauru Chaw ~ Argentina to Alaska riding in partner with Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB)

- Sarah Bedford and James Butcher ~ Alaska to Argentina and beyond