LAPTOP – MacBook PRO 13”

Well we can’t seem to live without our Mac. They are easy to use, great for storing all our photos, music and documents. We have decided to trade in our old MacBook for the new MacBook Pro model that came out  in Feb. 2011 as  you can order it with a solid state drive (SSD) for added durability. In addition,  the fact that it has an SD Card Reader built in and a back-lit keyboard are added bonuses!


We have had this little compact camera for years and it has held up through many trips. It is great for taking quick shots and best of all it’s completely water proof and handles great for snorkeling, in the rain and can easily be washed off if it gets sandy or dirty.


With Gorilla Pod, tripod.


EasyTagger have provided us with a custom built geotagger for our Nikon D90. They modified their current model to make the battry life last longer. This way we don’t have to worry about wondering where each photo is from as this device adds a GPS point to each and every photo. We can also use the EasyTagger with our point and shoot as long as the time stamps line up, plug it into the software and it sysnchornizes the GPS track file from the EasyTagger with the time and date stamp on our point and shoot photos.

We are really looking forward to seeing how this device works and Bryan has been amazing to deal with!

UPDATE: left behind in December 2012. Had trouble with the connection to the camera where it wasn’t always reading.


Good for tunes, calculator (good for bartering) and WiFi where available. Plus Warm Showers also has an app. to find a host near you.

Video Camera – GoPro Hero 2

Added in December 2012 as a present from the folks this will allow us to document and film more of life on the road. Accessories include: tripod mount, LCD Backpack, extra Lithium Ion battery, flat mounts, helmet mount.

eReader – Kobo Glo (Karen)

Another addition in December 2012, this helped eliminate at least 5 books we were carrying.

IPad Mini

Added October 2013, replaced Mike’s broken Kobo and now is a way that both of us can complete our tasks on-line when we have ‘rest’ days.