Pheonix Loaded
Kona Explosif Steel Chromoly Frame


We chose these chromoly steel frames for their durability, excellent reputation, ease of repair in a bind and then outfitted the rest ourselves based on our needs and advice from other tourers.


Forks on a touring bike? Why not? Hitting single track on a rigid fork isn’t the greatest plus we thought it could possibly save our wrists on the long run especially on some of the roads we envision that are more like a goat trails than a road or even for cobblestone in Europe. The advantages of coil suspension, some say comes with reliability and doesn’t ‘blow out’ like an air shock can. Also these forks have a lock-out capability so they won’t hinder us on the hills.


These saddles come with amazing reviews with such craftsmanship we couldn’t pass them up. However when researching them I came across this article that had me on the floor laughing.

DRIVE TRAIN – ROHLOFF – SPEEDHUB 500/14Rohloff Speedhub

We decided to go with an internal gear system as a recommendation from two of our touring friends (Martin and Nadine) who swear by it.  The advantages of internal gears means you eliminate the need for front and rear derailleurs and cassette, the maintenance is simple (oil change every 5,000 km), and you can shift while standing still (great for coming to sudden stops or in traffic). However, the disadvantages include the weight and cost. Both of which we hope will be outweighed by the benefits.


Rims – DT Swiss X455 (hand built)

Tires – Schwable Marathon Plus Smartguard



  • Front – Sherpa – 40 lbs. capacity, fits with our front forks
  • Rear – Red Rock – 60 lbs. capacity, adaptable to our bolted Rohloff Speedhub
Since our bikes are on a mountain bike frame (with only two eyelets above the dropouts) and have front suspension; finding racks that could not only fit our bikes but withstand a world tour was a little challenging. That is when we found Old Man Mountain that makes pannier racks that fit any bike (and is even their slogan). The crew there was so helpful with helping us find the right racks for our bikes after sending e-mails and photos to them of our bikes they were able to recommend the models that would work and which ones were the most suiting of our needs. This company has great customer service and all racks come complete with a lifetime warranty (hopefully we won’t need).

TRAILER – ExtraWheel

The world’s lightest bike trailer which also acts as a spare front wheel!

sent home


  • Kryptonite Lock
  • cable lock x2
  • Planet Bike Blaze 2 Light
  • NiteRider Mini Newt Light
  • MEC Plasma USB LED red light x2
  • Axiom Fastflash DLX Universal mirror x2
  • helmet x2
  • bells x2


  • Nite Ize Knotbone Adjustable Bungee x4
  • Portland Designworks Soda Pop Fenders x2
  • water bottle cages (x3/bike)
  • bike computer x2


  • Topeak Alien II Multi-tool
  • 15 mm spanner wrench sent sent home
  • 13/14/15/16 mm spanner wrench sent home
  • 17 mm spanner wrench
  • cable cutters
  • bottom bracket tool (added before Mexico)
  • spare bottom brackets x2 (added before Mexico)
  • spare tires x2 (added before Mexico) – Schwable Dureme and Extreme
  • Crank Bothers Multi 17 Multitool (spare)
  • socket set
  • chain wear indicator
  • Rohloff cog removal tool  sent home
  • Rohloff sproket indicator tool
  • cassette removal tool (used for centre locked disk brakes – front hub)
  • old man mountain rack attachment x2
  • old man mountain rack bolts
  • spare cleats
  • front wheel quick release skewers x2 (for mountain biking) sent home
  • extra chain ring bolts
  • spoke key x2  now use set on multi-tool
  • 1.1 mm shifter cables x1
  • brake cables x2
  • disk brake pads x4
  • cable housing ends
  • cable ends
  • spare ExtraWheel mounting nuts  sent home
  • extra chain links
  • clear nail polish (for frame scratches)
  • electrical tape
  • spare tubes x6
  • toothbrush
  • degreaser
  • loctite
  • small tube grease
  • chain lubricant
  • rags
  • Brooks saddle proof ride
  • zip-ties
  • spare chain x1
For a full breakdown on all the gear that is included with our bikes please see the post: