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anna wrote at March 21, 2014:
Hi there!

Did you know that your contact form doesn't work? so... here I am writing in your guestbook :-)

Have you made it to Puerto Natales yet?

Drop me a line so I have your contact details.

Phil and Hat from Bristol, England wrote at March 5, 2014:
Hello you two.
Hat and I made our way safely along the ripio to Chile Chico.
We arrived at the junction the following morning and spotted your note. I managed to drop it down the leg so we had to employ a long stick and a knike+fork to extract it.
Really enjoyed meeting you guys and our kayak over to the Capillas de Marmol.
Hope you're both well and enjoying the riding.
Hopefully we'll see you again one day.
Andrew from UK wrote at April 1, 2013:
Love the and the adventure. Thanks for the information and inspiration. I am planning on flying to Buenos Airies in September, cycling down to the cape and then North through Chile and into Central America. I'm sure nearer the time I'll have lots of questions, so I might be hitting you up for some advice. Safe Travels!
Forrest Bilek from Wisconsin wrote at October 11, 2012:
Hi guys,
Just checking in on your site to see how you're doing. I thought you'd be father! But I'm glad to see you're taking your time and seeing lots. I'm off to bike around New Zealand for a few months and try to find an engineering job to try and put my degree to use before it gets old and stale. Send me a note when you get there, I'd love to put you up for a few nights and show you around! Happy peddaling,
Corey Scobie from Edmonton, AB wrote at July 4, 2012:
Mike & Karen,

Wow, what an adventure! It was great bumping into Mike at Kent and Ang's engagement party and hearing all about your trip. I'm excited for you guys and hope you have a wonderful journey. Good luck and good health!

Darrin Nielsen from edmonchuck wrote at January 7, 2012:
hey lady karen and sir mike,
your good spirits are missed north of the 49th but you seem to be doing well and spreading good canadian karma south of the borders. the miles you've laid down is remarkable! ok, time to get off my butt!! i'm sure mexico is going to be an amazing experience. have fun! d.
Forrest bilek from Wisconsin wrote at November 14, 2011:
Hey guys, glad to have run into you in Oregon! I thought you would've passed me again as I've been stopping quite a bit, but I'm in San Fran now. Santa Cruz tomorrow. Weather looks AWESOME!!! Hope you Guys are enjoying it and the absolutely spectacular scenery down the coast. Best of luck, see you down the road!!!
Also, super cool site, you've done a good job with it, keep it up!
Terry wrote at October 21, 2011:
Hi Mike and Karen
I heard your interview on CBC radio while you were heading for Jasper. It looks like you are haveing a great trip. I too took a year off many years ago to travel and since that time have spent many summers ocean kayaking, canoeing and cycling.
In the interview you mentioned that you thought that you would be able to keep your daily expences down to $20-$30 per day. Was that per person or for the two of you? Have you been able to stay within that range?
I look forward to hitting the road myself within the next couple of years and along with cycling I will want to be able to do multi day hikes. Are you caring a backpack with you as well. I didn't see one on your gear list.
continue to have a great trip.
Kathy (Port Angeles) wrote at October 15, 2011:
So enjoying watching your progress. Hope you're warm and dry. Safe travels.....
Kathy wrote at October 10, 2011:
So glad you chose the Olympic Peninsula instead of the inland route. SO enjoyed meeting you both, you are truly an inspiration. Best of luck to you both. I look forward to following your adventure for many miles ahead. Travel safely! Kathy (Port Angeles Visitor Center)

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