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    A walk around Huemul

    Arriving in El Chaltén we were greeted by the towering mountains of Fitz Roy and Torres. Anxious to get off the bike and explore our new surroundings we found backpacks, packed our bags for a few days in the mountains with Anna and head off […]

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    The trail between two countries

    Where the Careterra Austral (CA) ends at Villa O’Higgins there is no more road.   To get to Argentina one must take a ferry across Lago O’Higgins then traverse a road that turns into a trail for 12 or so more km’s crossing the Chilean-Argentinian […]

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    Carretera Austral

    The Carretera Austral (CA) in Northern Patagonia on the Chilean side is known in the America’s cycling circuit as one of the top dirt rides. The CA is over 1,200 km’s with most of it being ripio (gravel/washboard) that starts in Puerto Montt and ‘dead […]

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    %$^& the Death Road … we rode El Choro

    Mike and I arrived at the Casa de Ciclistas in La Paz after a hairy entrance through the outskirt town of El Alto and a seamless coast down the “Autopista” (freeway) to find our friends Billy, Simon and Olivia who we met in Cusco, Dave […]

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    Christmas in Cusco

    Christmas away from home is always hard, you miss time with family, friends, and age old traditions. But having Skype to stay connected to loved ones makes it easier and so does being surrounded by new, like minded friends, good food and new traditions.   […]

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  • Kids from the Sacred Valley

    Trips around the Sacred Valley (Perú)

    We settled in at Hostal Estrellita in Cusco, a popular well run family hostal that many overland touring motorcyclists and bicyclists stay at. Rejuvenated by the ‘gringo options’ and making new friends but it wasn’t before long that we were ready to set out on […]

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    Ayacucho to Cusco

      After a long rest in Ayacucho, we were ready to hit the road again to tackle the remaining 5 of the 7 major climbs on our route to Cusco.     We were happy to be on the quiet back roads again.     […]

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    Cycling the 2nd Highest Mountain Range in the World: Cordillera Blanca

    Having most of our gear stored in Huaraz, Mike and I headed off to tackle 263 km’s over 6 days around the beautiful Huascarán mountain (the highest mountain in Perú) for a total of 5,446 m in overall elevation gain over 3 passes with a […]

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  • Poncho

    Northern Perú

    Earlier this year, on April 17 2013 we crossed into our 11th country, Perú. This is the beginning of our time here that we need to catch up on before we get into our latest travels.                   […]

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  • Vicuñas

    Avenue of Volcanoes to the Amazon to Perú

    After returning to Canada for the summer  to work it seems like time has slipped us by.   We’re a little behind in our blog but here’s an attempt to catch up.   The scenery and the country of Ecuador never ceased to amaze us […]

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