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    On the road… almost

    After a busy summer, Mike and I quit our jobs on August 19th and since then have been scrambling to get everything done in preparation for our trip. This left us with two weeks to look after securing all spare parts, to finish our bikes, […]

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  • MEC Apollo and MSR Mutha Hubba

    Choosing a Tent

    We originally anticipated starting our journey with our existing tent, a Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) Tarn 3. The Tarn has been a fantastic tent for over 10 years, we have used it for backpacking and kayaking trips but when it comes down to living out […]

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  • MEC Bikefest

    MEC Bikefest, Garage Sale and Exciting News!

    The past few weeks have been busy with vaccinations, garage sales, Bikefest and so much more. Last weekend we hosted a garage sale in conjunction with our parents that was a great success. Having purged a lot of our household items last year during an […]

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    A Course to Take Before any Expedition

    What do you do when you are in the middle of nowhere and your or your cycling partner are injured or sick and you can’t call EMS? Mike and I participate in a lot of outdoors activities including sea kayaking, mountain biking, hiking,  and rock […]

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  • Karen's Kona

    Cost of Building A Touring Bike?

    Well at least what it cost us… At first, the idea to build our own touring bikes was both exciting and daunting. We researched for days (ok, weeks) to find out what would work for us. We found lists compiled on other tourers’ sites to […]

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  • Bike Bits in Boxes

    Bike Parts are Starting to Arrive

    We’ve been really busy over the last few months and I think this trip is really starting to settle in. Back in January, Mike and I placed an order for two Kona Explosif frames! We decided on this frame because it is steel, has a […]

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  • TR3 start of day 2 at K2 ranch

    The Wheels Start Turning

    Well the website is under construction. Karen has done a very minimal amount of web creation in past and has a lot to learn. The website is being slowly populated. In the mean time we are looking for ways to save more money, the goal […]

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  • Monashee Highway, BC, Canada

    The Begining

    My husband and I have always talked about exploring the world, that we have so much to see and do before we even consider having a family. We both have good jobs, but something seems missing. In recent years we have traveled here and there, […]

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