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  • DT-Swiss-X455.JPG

    Gear Reflections at 4,500 Kilometers

      Recent problems with the bikes has led to some reflection on our choices of bike parts. We pieced the bikes together ourselves, that is, we researched the parts and put it all together with the help of our good friend Bob and United Cycle […]

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  • Cablecar

    Out of the funk.

    We feel rejuvenated after spending some time in the Bay area. I find myself in a quaint locals’ coffee shop with interesting characters, elbow room only and soul that IS this little city by the bay; San Fransisco. It happens to be the very cafe […]

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    What we got rid of …

      Doomed by our own thoughts of “we may need this” and “pack it, we can get rid of it later” lead us to two VERY heavy and overweight bikes.  280 kgs or 616 lbs to be exact when we rolled over a weigh scale […]

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