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    That’s it, we are sending everything home

    “We are sending everything home” Mike said to me on our arrival across the Mexican border in Tecate as we opted for a cheap hotel and passed out on the bed.   The 92 km ride form La Jolla, California to Tecate, Mexico wasn’t that...

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    Waiting for the next chapter …

    The southern Californian urban sprawl continued south of Los Angeles where each town flowed into the other with a┬ánever ending maze of cars and roads that made riding stressful and somewhat un-enjoyable.   We reached Dohney State Beach in the town of Dana Point where...

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    Without Turkey Dinner but with Friends

    It’s hard to believe we haven’t really updated since San Francisco, where to begin??? Let me start by giving major kudos to the city of San Francisco and surrounding area for being so bike friendly. Numbered bike routes criss-cross the city and signs at major...

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  • Cablecar

    Out of the funk.

    We feel rejuvenated after spending some time in the Bay area. I find myself in a quaint locals’ coffee shop with interesting characters, elbow room only and soul that IS this little city by the bay; San Fransisco. It happens to be the very cafe...

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    California Dreaming

    Our minds; filled with the idea from the cold days and rain in Oregon that as soon as we cross the border to California it would be nothing but sun, palm tress and freshly squeezed orange juice. Well this is at least what we told...

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    Biking the Olympic Peninsula and the Washington Coast

    Our departure from Canada was slow and slumbered as we made several day stops with family in Vancouver (Mark, Char and Lauren) and then once again a few days at a friend’s place (Carmen) in Victoria. We felt ourselves hanging on to the familiar and...

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  • Crossing the Border

    1 Month on the Road and Over 1,000 km’s

    Has it really been one month already, and how did we miss the 1,000 km mark? Time feels like it is flying by but we’re having a great time and celebrating some huge milestones (in our minds!). The rain seems to be holding off and...

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    Avalon School Outdoor Education Assigment #1 Responses and Assignment #2

    Hello Avalon School Outdoor Education Class!!   Thanks guys for your responses. We’ll include them here with some feedback.   Part One: Food Storage   The response we got back regarding food storage was a little to be desired, here’s what the class came up...

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    Everyone should do this…

    The routine has worked itself out, the bikes are feeling more comfortable by the day and the load is getting lighter… why didn’t we set off on this trip ages ago! It’s finally setting in what we have gotten ourselves into and the sky is...

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    Find Your Sit Bones

    “Find your sit bones” you are often told in Yoga. I personally don’t think I’ll ever have a problem finding them again as both Mike and I are suffering from sore bums as we get used to long hours on the bikes and the weight...

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