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    Is Honduras as Scary as it Sounds?

    Honduras, what does that name bring to mind for you?   Violence, crime, beaches, or paradise? Maybe none of these. Maybe you have only heard the name and know roughly that it is in central America.   That was me I had heard of it but […]

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    Honduras, Round 2

    So on Saturday, October 6th Mike and I left for Honduras again. Back to the Bay of Islands where I completed my dive master training and left all our stuff with trusted friends. After working the summer, getting re-quainted with friends, family and our passion […]

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  • Karen and Trutle

    Conquering fears: how a once hydrophobic girl became a divemaster

      Fears are things that can hold us back from experiencing life. While people who meet me now would never believe my previous fear, old friends, family and even Mike remembers how completely and deathly afraid of water I was. So much to the fact […]

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    Crossing from Guatemala to Honduras, catching up with friends and family.

    We left Tikal and the jungles of Petén cycling south towards Río Dulce. We cycled through a town by the name of Poptun and just south of town, upon recommendation stayed at a place called Finca Ixobel. This place was heaven. Amazing food (like great […]

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