Avalon School Outdoor Education Class Assignment #1

Part One: Food Storage

We need a safe place to store our food at night so critters such as bears, raccoons, rats and mice don’t get into it.


Please consider the following:

  • We only have panniers and 2 dry bags available;
  • We have rope and carabineers; and
  • We are wild camping some nights (i.e. no facilities).


Some questions to consider:

  • Should we hang it?
  • Should we double bag it?
  • What if there is nothing to hang it from?
  • What type of things should we be storing at night? Only food?


Part Two: Which Route of the 101, Peninsula or Inland?


We aren’t sure which route to take through the northern part of Washington, the peninsula route through Olympic National Park or the inland route through the San Juan islands.


Please consider the following:

  • Average cycling distance is between 60-90 km/day;
  • Availability of campsites;
  • Availability of grocery stores; and
  • What kind of weather can we expect.


We’ll be in Vancouver the end September!


Bicycling the Pacific Coast -Vicky Spring, Tom Kirkendall


Pacific Coast Options

Blue is the Peninsular Route, the Red is the Inland Route

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