Bike Parts are Starting to Arrive

We’ve been really busy over the last few months and I think this trip is really starting to settle in.

Back in January, Mike and I placed an order for two Kona Explosif frames! We decided on this frame because it is steel, has a lifetime warranty, and comes with removable dropouts (very adaptable for the Rohloff Speedhub). We have a great friend of ours, Mr. Bob Riley, who just happens to be a bike mechanic and has agreed to help us put everything together (thanks buddy we owe you BIG). Now we are just waiting for the rest of the parts to come in.

In April, we ordered the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 we realized although it is quite the initial cost (over $1,500 CAD each), it is the way to go in terms of an internal gear system, let alone a gear system all together. Living with a Rohloff Hub an article written by Andy Blance (Thorn Bikes designer and test pilot) is an excellent review and source of information regarding this system. We really liked the fact that this piece of gear eliminates the need for both front and rear derailleurs, chain tensioner, front shifter and we only need one chain ring in the front (we went with a 40 tooth). Also the maintenance on this is low, about 30ml of oil is needed every 5,000 km and a new chain every once in a while.

In addition to the much appreciated help from Bob we have been fortunate to have the good people at  United Cycle (a local sporting goods store serving Edmonton since 1928) willing to answer my ‘stupid’ questions all of the work we can’t complete ourselves (such as building our rear wheels with the Rohloff hub) to the guys down at the shop (thanks guys!)

For you gear buffs out there, here is a list of our parts thus far:

Brakes – Avid Disk Brake BB7
Brake Lever – Avid Speed Dial Ultimate Brake Levers
HeadsetCane Creek 110 Classic couldn’t  get though our distributor so upgraded to Chris King 1 1/8″
Stem – Race Face Evolve XC
Front Crank/Bottom Bracket – Shimano SLX

Chain Ring – Raceface Downhill ring BCD 104 mm 40 tooth
Chain – SRAM PC-890 8 Speed
Rear Rims – DT Swiss X455
Front WheelsDT Swiss 340 Trail Disc Wheel didn’t come in, both wheels now X455
Tires – Schwable Marathon Plus Smartguard
Rear Panniers – Ortlieb – Back Roller Plus (Karen)

Keep posted to see the bike building in progress, we hope to keep a step by step photo journal, plus keep coming back for great resources that we find while building our bikes we always welcome any feedback, see our contact page.

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