The Begining

Monashee Highway, BC, Canada

My husband and I have always talked about exploring the world, that we have so much to see and do before we even consider having a family. We both have good jobs, but something seems missing. In recent years we have traveled here and there, but really only for a maximum of three weeks in each place. We haven’t been able to really experience a place since we had the time to travel when we were in university.

So the question begs, how can we travel where we won’t feel like tourists, where we can take our time, experience the local food and culture and travel sustainably? The answer hit us right away, bike touring. The idea festered in both our minds for a couple weeks, but with not a lot of debate we decided. Yup, this is the answer… so now where do we start?

This is the beginning of our adventure, we’ve created this website to document our journey from start to finish (whenever that may be), to compile resources for others to use and build on, to review the gear we have chosen, and as a way to stay in contact with friends and family on where we are, where we are going, and our stories and photos along the way.

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